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  1. 18 March 2007 Mt. Ruapehu lahar seismic data

    07 Dec 2022 | Contributor(s):: Braden Walsh, Charline Lormand, Jon Procter, Glyn Williams-Jones

    This data contains the 3-component seismic data recorded for the 18 March 2007 Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand lahar. There are three seismic stations located at 7.4 (RTMT), 28 (TRAN), and 83 (COLL) km from flow source along the flow channel.

  2. Antarctic ice sheet paleo-constraint database

    29 Nov 2022 | Contributor(s):: Benoit Lecavalier, Lev Tarasov, Greg Balco, Perry Spector, Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand, Christo Buizert, Catherine Ritz, Marion Leduc-Leballeur, Robert Mulvaney, Pippa L. Whitehouse, Michael J. Bentley, Jonathan Bamber

    We present a database of observational constraints on past Antarctic ice sheet changes during the last glacial cycle intended to consolidate the observations that represent our understanding of past Antarctic changes, for state-space estimation, and paleo-model calibrations. The database is a...

  3. GIS layers of North America ice sheet history

    03 Oct 2022 | Contributor(s):: jason briner

    Included are ArcGIS shapefiles of North American ice sheet extent in 36 time slices spanning from 18,000 to 1,000 years ago.

  4. GIS layer of Greenland Ice Sheet bed available for sub-ice drilling

    15 Sep 2022 | Contributor(s):: jason briner

    This dataset includes several geographical-information-system (GIS, ArcGIS) shapefiles relating to this study:Briner, J.P., Walcott, C.K., Schaefer, J.M., Young, N.E., MacGregor, J.A., Poinar, K., Keisling, B.A., Anandakrishnan, S., Albert, M.R., Kuhl, T., Boeckmann, G. (submitted). Where to...


    05 Sep 2022 | Contributor(s):: Ana Guadarrama