What's New: Past Year

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  1. Jupyter Lab (202210)

    22 Mar 2023 | Contributor(s):: Steven Clark

    An extensible environment for interactive and reproducible computing, based on the Jupyter Notebook architecture.

  2. LavaFlow Mapper and FRP statistical analysis

    14 Dec 2022 | *Tools | Contributor(s):: Francisco Javier Vasconez, Juan Camilo Anzieta

    Mapping active lava flows in near-real time by using the FIRMS thermal data and filters in the track GSD and Fire Radiative Power (FRP) in the open source R software.

  3. GLAcier Feature Tracking testkit

    09 Dec 2022 | *Tools | Contributor(s):: Whyjay Zheng

    Evaluating and benchmarking glacier velocity products derived from feature tracking

  4. Jupyter Notebooks (202210)

    28 Oct 2022 | *Tools | Contributor(s):: Steven Clark (contributor)

    Starts the Jupyter notebook server in your home directory.

  5. Volcanic Ash Explorer Workflow

    16 Aug 2022 | *Tools | Contributor(s):: Renette Jones-Ivey, Marcus I Bursik, Abani Patra, Klaus Sievers

    Volcanic Ash Explorer Workflow