AskICE-D: A querying tool for the ICE-D project

By Joseph P Tulenko, Greg Balco, jason briner, Sophie Goliber

A tool that helps users build and send SQL queries to the ICE-D database and dynamically returns the query results.

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Version 1.0 - published on 15 Feb 2024

This tool is closed source.

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The ICE-D project ( is an effort to organize cosmogenic-nuclide exposure-age data that are useful for, among other things, reconstructing past glacier and ice sheet change. It uses a “transparent-middle-layer” design that solves a number of problems associated with synoptic analysis of geochronology data by enforcing internally consistent calculation of geologic ages across a large data set. At present, the database is fairly complete for Antarctica (, Greenland ( and alpine glaciers in many parts of the world (, but data is continually being published and there is room for improvement.

The ICE-D project is hosted online as a Google Cloud Project, and the database of raw observations used to calculate exposure ages is structured as an SQL database. As such, major effort has been spent to 'onboard' users from the community to get connected to the database and teach users to query the database, which requires time and some technical skills in using SQL. To lower the barrier to entry and invite a broader of audience of potential users, this tool was developed with a simple user interface that can automatically build SQL queries based on user input, send a request directly to the ICE-D database, and dynamically return results all without any prior knowledge on the user's behalf of SQL nor any registration with the ICE-D Project (although we highly encourage folks who want to get involved to reach out to us!)

When using the tool, please feel free to contact us with any questions and/or bugs/issues/improvements to report.

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