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  1. Bent - Atmospheric Plume Analysis

    08 Mar 2010 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Marcus I Bursik

    Atmospheric Plume Analysis

  2. Titan2D Mass-Flow Simulation Tool

    22 Mar 2010 | *Tools

    Simulate mass flows on realistic terrains using adaptive mesh refinement.

  3. Tephra2

    20 Apr 2010 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Costanza Bonadonna, Laura Connor, Chuck B Connor, Leah Michelle Courtland

    Tephra2 uses the advection diffusion equation to forecast tephra dispersion in a given location based on a user-defined set of eruptive conditions.

  4. Hazmap

    03 May 2010 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Antonio Costa

    Simulate sedimentation of volcanic particles from discrete point sources and obtain the corresponding ground deposit.

  5. Workspace

    23 Feb 2010 | *Tools


  6. Titan2D Viewer

    26 Jun 2011 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Jose Luis Palma

    A viewer of the simulation results saved by Titan2D

  7. puffin

    08 Sep 2010 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Marcus I Bursik, Alejandro Uriel Carbonara, Sean Michael Zawicki, Abani Patra, Renette Jones-Ivey

    puffin = a tool to run the volcanic ash dispersal model -- puff -- based on the plume trajectory model -- bent.

  8. Tephra2: Student Version

    21 Feb 2011 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Leah Michelle Courtland, Chuck B Connor, Laura Connor, Costanza Bonadonna

    The Tephra2 ash dispersion model run via a GUI designed for student use.

  9. Greenland Ice Sheet Model Plotting Tool

    12 Apr 2019 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Erika Simon

    This Jupyter notebook plots an uploaded ice sheet model directly in the notebook and/or saving the plot to the user's local machine.

  10. Notebooks for introduction to R

    21 Jun 2021 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Jeanette Sperhac

    This series of notebooks and references introduces the R language.