Tool Development

Welcome to Ghub FORGE, the tool development area of Ghub. The following pages are maintained by the various owners of each tool. Many of these tools are available as Open Source, and you can download the code via Subversion from this site. Some tools are closed source at the request of the authors, and only a restricted development team has access to the code. See each tool page for details.

Available Tools

Title Alias Status
Advanced Submit Examples advancedsubmit open source
Approximation by Localized Penalized Splines... alps open source
ALPS Interactive alpsinteract open source
Antarctic thinning history visualization antthinningviz closed source
Automatic Paleoclimate from Glacier Extents apogee closed source
Arithmetic Demo arith open source
AshCalc ashcalc open source
AskICE-D: A querying tool for the ICE-D project askiced closed source
Prepare atmospheric forcing for ice sheet... atmforcing open source
Prepare atmospheric forcing for ice sheet... atmforcing2 open source
Bent - Atmospheric Plume Analysis bent open source
Bent-Hysplit Workflow Tool benthysplitwf closed source
PyBetUnrest betunrest open source
PyBetVH betvh open source
Test Tool bradleytesttool closed source
chhaya's tool cdot open source
CF-Processing Tool cfcompliance closed source
CF-Regridding Tool cfregrid closed source
CFU cfu open source
CFU-PINGU cfupingu open source
clv clv open source
CMAD: Understanding the Sea Ice melting cmad open source
Cryosphere model Comparison tool (CmCt) cmct open source
Cryospheric Model Comparison Tool (CmCt) -... cmctaltimetry open source
CmCt GRACE MASCON Tool cmctgm open source
CmCt Histogram Tool cmcthistplot open source
Crevasse Detection using Sentinel-1 SAR and... crevassedetect open source
ATM-Based Crevasse Detection & Extraction workflow crevasseoib closed source
Shelf heating with basal crevasses crevheat open source
CrevProp: A Crevasse Propagation Model crevprop open source
DEM converter for Titan2D dem4titan open source
ECMapProb ecmapprob open source
Energy cone econe closed source
jupyter/python environment test envtest open source
Multicomponent mixture phase equilibrium equipt open source
Greenland Ice Sheet Model Jupyter Notebook esimonproj open source
Landsat Image Downloader and Subsetter getlandsat open source
Pegasus Workflows Tutorial and Templates ghubex1 open source
Ghub Jupyter Book Example ghubex2 open source
Pegasus WMS Workflow MATLAB Example ghubex3 open source
Greenland Ice Mapping Project Subsetter gimpsubsetter open source
Greenland Ice Sheet Model Plotting Tool gisplot open source
ISMIP6 Ice Sheet Model Comparison Tool gisplot2 open source
GLAcier Feature Tracking testkit glaft open source
gravity anomaly due to a sphere gravitysphere open source
Gravity - Sphere gsphere closed source
GStatSim V1.0: a Python package for... gstatsim open source
Hazmap hazmap open source
hubcheck parameter passing tool hppt open source
Ice tool ice1sheet open source
IceSheetBasal icebasal closed source
ICESHEET 1.0: a program to produce paleo-ice... icesheet1 open source
Simple Ice Sheet Profile icesheetprofile open source
iHARP Test Tool 1 iharptest1 open source
Introduction to Python intro2python open source
iRods Tester irodstest open source
IS2view is2view open source
ismip6tooltest ismip5tooltest open source
An Open Source Tool for Visualizing ISM... ismip6aissvn open source
An Open Source Tool for Visualizing ISM... ismip6aissvnwf1 open source
An Open Source Tool for Visualizing ISM... ismip6aissvnwf2 open source
ISMIP6 Projection Data Analysis Tool ismip6analysis closed source
Ice Sheet Simulation Compliance Checker isschecker open source
Jupyter Notebook IPython Kernel with Ice-sheet... issm closed source
Making an example for the Ghub workshop joestesttool closed source
Jupyter Notebook jupyter closed source
Jupyter on Deb10 jupyter6deb10 open source
Jupyter Notebooks (202210) jupyter70 closed source
Jupyter Notebooks Examples and Documentation jupyterexamples open source
Jupyter Lab (202010) jupyterlab6db10 closed source
Jupyter Lab (202210) jupyterlab70 closed source
LavaFlow Mapper and FRP statistical analysis lavaflowmapper open source
Malaspina Glacier Radar malaspinaradar open source
MAMMA (Magma Ascent Mathematical Modeling and... mamma open source
MetaPingu metapingu closed source
Make Grid mgrid open source
Scoring deglacial ice sheet models with... modeldatascore open source
Model-data deglacial ice sheet thinning comparison modeldatathin closed source
ISMIP6 Model Dependency modeldependency closed source
Greenland Ice Surface Temperature, Surface... modgrnld open source
Mosaic Utility and Large Dataset Integration... moulinstest open source
MULTIFLOW lava flow model multiflow open source
first time mytool1 open source
N2T Test n2ttest closed source
NCAR Coupled ISMIP6 Data Plotting Tool ncarismipplots open source
netCDF File Regrid Tool netcdfregrid open source
Norma norma open source
octave octave open source
Olive olive open source
Compute Pathlines from Velocities pathlines open source
Pegasus Tutorial pegtut open source
PER-Pingu perpingu closed source
Petrological INput - Graphical oUtput pingu open source
Greenland ice sheet data explorer pshekhar2 open source
pshekhar Jupyter Notebook pshekharproj open source
puffin puffin open source
PYroclastic FLOW pyflow open source
Code Demos for "Regression on Ice" Lecture Notes regdemos open source
Notebooks for introduction to R rintro open source
RStudio rstudio closed source
ISMIP6 Ice Sheet Model Scalar Variable Plotter scalarplot open source
Sector Collapse sector open source
SERAC Greenland Ice Sheet Surface Elevation... seracexplorer open source
Shawn's Other Test shawnsothertest open source
Incorporating Causality with Deep Learning in... siepredict open source
Visualizing Glacier/Ocean Change simpleice open source
sophie test tool sophietesttool open source
StereoP stereop open source
T2Colombia t2colombia closed source
Tephra2 Utilities t2utilities open source
Time-Series Causal Inference tcinet open source
Tephra2 tephra2 open source
Tephra2: Student Version tephra2edu open source
Tephra2 Probabilistic Runner tephra2prob open source
Glacier Terminus Tools terminus open source
Glacier Terminus Visualiztion terminusvis open source
TermPicks Data Overview termpicks open source
Glacier Terminus Morphology termshape closed source
Titan2D Hazard Map Emulator Workflow Tool testpegasus open source
Test Project testproj open source
Titan2D Mass-Flow Simulation Tool titan2d open source
Titan2D Viewer titanview closed source
my_tool toolhub open source
Tritone tritone open source
Layer Annotation U-Net unetlayer open source
A model for predicting viscosity of... viscosity open source
Volcanic Ash Explorer Workflow volcashexpwf closed source
Wind Reanalysis windre closed source
Workspace workspace closed source
Workspace 10 workspace10 closed source
wind-profile wpro open source