Education and outreach are an important goal of the Ghub community! While the data products and results generated by scientists can sometimes seem daunting, it can also be pretty cool to see how it applies to everyone.

VESL visualization tools

These striking visualizations, hosted on NASA JPL's Virtual Earth System Laboratory (VESL), use the Ice Sheet System Model (ISSM) package.

ISSM logo,

Greenland Basal Friction simulation

Enables users to explore the effect of friction at Greenland's ice-bedrock interface.
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Greenland Geothermal Heat Flux simulation

Enables users to explore Greenland ice sheet's sensitivity to geothermal heat flux at the ice-bedrock interface.
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Sea Level Rise simulation

Presents ISSM simulations of sea-level rise from the present day to 500 years into the future, as the Twaites Glacier retreats inland.


Here are additional resources available to bring the science to others:

EricPitman.jpg Eric Pitman Workshop in Computational Science--hosted by UB CCR since 1998.
Snow on Ice: "Scientists are Superheroes"
Ice Future Research Group - Datasets and Products
Greenland-melt NSIDC's Greenland Today
Greenland-melt NSIDC's Arctic Sea Ice News
Greenland-melt Ice Flow Games

Tools and computing

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