How to share your science with Ghub

Share your science on Ghub!

Ghub offers a stable, executable environment to help you share your code in a reproducible and accessible way! At Ghub, any script you share is referred to as a tool: they can be as simple as a useful scientific script with or without a web-enabled user interface, or as complex as an elaborate workflow that uses remote data and submits jobs to high-performance computing resources, or anywhere in between.

Use case examples:

  1. Code from a paper you would like to share in an executable way
  2. Share a utility for others to use so they don't need to download the source code
  3. Access high-performance computing to share models or other computationally expensive workflow

When you publish a tool Resource on Ghub, you have the opportunity to comprehensively describe the tool, its use, its origin, attributions, and provenance, along with other information, together called metadata. We ask that tool contributors honor these requirements, so that tool users understand the uses and limitations of your contribution.

Next Steps

Choose the option that best suits your needs

Schedule a meeting with a Ghub team member if you:

  • Are new to Ghub and want to learn more about Ghub and it’s capabilities

  • Aren't sure what you need or you have a new idea for a tool

Ghub resource submission form if you:

  • Know broadly what your tool needs
  • Don’t need an immediate response

Send us an email if you:

  • Know broadly what your tool needs
  • Need an immediate response 

Start development on your own if you:



What if my tools are already published in an executable environment somewhere else?

No problem- we still want to share it with the community on our site. Send us an email and we can create a custom panel on our site to showcase your tool on Ghub.