Making Ice Sheet Research Accessible

Welcome to Ghub!

The Ghub science gateway hosts datasets, workflows, and tools to unify ice sheet observations and modeling, provide uncertainty quantification, and improve estimates of future sea level rise. This centralized hub is for all different types of ice sheet scientist, from those new to ice sheets to seasoned researchers, and for educators interested in ice sheet science.

Account holders can develop and share tools on Ghub, and find many additional ways to collaborate. We are just getting started, much more is soon to come! Join us!

We gratefully acknowledge support by the US National Science Foundation and EarthCube.

More about Ghub


Hosted ice sheet and paleoglaciology data derived from multiple sources.

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Computational tools and hosted codes help with data analysis and visualization.

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Ghub's visualizations and high-performance computing support teaching and outreach.

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Getting Started

Documentation, how-tos, and assistance using Ghub features.

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