Welcome to Ghub

Welcome to Ghub! We are a centralized, one-stop-shop for all different types of ice sheet scientist (from those new to ice sheets to seasoned researchers), and for educators interested in ice sheet science. We gratefully acknowledge support by the US National Science Foundation; a pilot grant was funded in 2018, and a 5-year grant started in October, 2020.

You can cruise Ghub for datasets and education resources without an account. Account holders can run, develop, and share tools on Ghub, and find many additional ways to collaborate (just request a free account). We are just getting started, much more is soon to come!

Ghub Mission Statement:

By 2025, we envision Ghub to be an oft-visited low-barrier online hub with ice sheet data and tools for educators and ice sheet scientists of all types.

Ghub aims to be:

Low Barrier: Ice sheet scientists from any domain, and educators, with limited programing experience, can easily find what they need on Ghub.

For ice sheet scientists: We offer ice-sheet models (future and paleo), field observations, remote sensing, reconstructions of ice sheet history.

For Educators: Ghub includes visualizations and simple web-based ice sheet models can be utilized by non-experts.

A hub for data: We aim to host and bring forward “dark” datasets of interest to modelers (e.g., relative sea level curves).

A hub for tools: We offer tools that can re-format large datasets for ingestion into models, or re-format model output (observational data) for comparison with observations (model output). Some tools facilitate scientific analysis of complex datasets, and can be easily adapted to a user's needs.

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