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Tools contributed by the community enable users to search for crevasses in the Greenland ice sheets, regrid ISMIP6 model outputs, compare and visualize model and experimental results, and more. Explore the tools here, and contribute your own.

HPC-based tools

These tools use high-performance computing (HPC) resources at University at Buffalo CCR to access datasets and to perform parallel computations. All interaction with the computing cluster is handled by the tool, while users interact with a friendly user interface.


ATM-Based Crevasse Detection and Extraction Workflow

Implements Greenland ice sheet crevasse detection over a range of years and user specified parameters.
Image credit NASA NSIDC DAAC,

netCDF File Regridding Tool

Enables users to select multiple ISMIP6 model output files for conversion to an alternate grid size.
Image credit NASA NSIDC DAAC,

Cryosphere model Comparison tool (CmCt)

Coming soon!


Model Comparison Tools

These Jupyter-based model comparison tools enable users to select models and observations to compare, evaluate, and plot. Users can then download the resulting high resolution plots for further analysis or presentation.

Image credit NASA NSIDC DAAC,

Greenland Ice Surface Temperature, Surface Albedo, and Water Vapor from MODIS Comparison Tool

Compares and plots user-selected attributes from MERRA-2 models of the Greenland Ice Sheet against MODIS measurements.
GIS Ice Sheet Model Comparison Tool

Ice Sheet Model Comparison Tool

Compares and plots a user-selected field or fields from multiple ice sheet models. Testing - Ice Sheet Model Comparison Tool - Testing
CmCt Histogram Plotting Tool

CmCt Histogram Tool

Plots comparison result statistics from runs of the Cryosphere model Comparison tool (CmCt).
GRACE JPL Mascon 2014


Compares user-uploaded ice sheet models to the NASA GRACE Mascon product.
Image credit QGreenland project,

ISMIP6 Ice Sheet Model Scalar Variable Plotter

Compares and plots ISMIP6 scalar variables from different modeling centers against a reference dataset. This is a quick quality control tool to model scalar variables and units.
Image credit NASA NSIDC DAAC,

NCAR Coupled ISMIP6 Data Plotting Tool

Notebook to create plots of global temperature from historical and projected model simulations.
GRACE JPL Mascon 2014

Visualizing ISMIP6 Antarctica Tool

Produces the visualizations from Seroussi et al. (2020) "ISMIP6 Antarctica: a multi-model ensemble of the Antarctic ice sheet evolution over the 21st century."

Approximation tool

This Jupyter Notebook approximation tool provides users the code for Approximation by Localized Penalized Splines (ALPS) framework functions.


Approximation by Localized Penalized Splines (ALPS)

Code for Approximation by Localized Penalized Splines (ALPS) framework functions.

Other tools

These tools provide a platform for developing new Ghub tools, creating notebooks, or just running a computation.


Jupyter Notebooks (Debian10)

Starts the Jupyter notebook server in the "notebooks" directory of your home directory.

Jupyter Notebooks Examples and Documentation

Learn how to create and run Notebooks, select a kernel, design a user interface, and submit a job to the HPC cluster, from Jupyter Notebooks.
Image credit NASA NSIDC DAAC,

Workspace 10

Run your own Debian 10 Linux workspace, offering compilers, scripting languages, and svn source control.
GRACE JPL Mascon 2014

Notebooks for Intro to R

Notebooks in the R language introduce computing and visualization packages and techniques.

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