Tephra2: Student Version

By Leah Michelle Courtland1, Chuck B Connor1, Laura Connor1, Costanza Bonadonna2

1. University of South Florida (USF) 2. University of Geneva, Switzerland

The Tephra2 ash dispersion model run via a GUI designed for student use.

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Version 1.7 - published on 19 Sep 2014

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Tephra2 uses the advection diffusion equation to forecast tephra dispersion. This version has predefined values for violent Strombolian, subplinian, Plinian, and ultraplinian eruptions. Users are free to vary parameters within predefined ranges. Images are used to help convey model concepts and pictures of the volcano under study are also included. Code output includes an isopach map of the results in addition to the numerical results themselves. This tool is recommended for students and first time users. In particular, natural hazards students and general volcanology students are encouraged to utilize this tool. Advanced users are referred to the Tephra2 tool (http://vhub.org/resources/tephra2) which provides users with more flexibility and allows researchers to upload their own data.

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