proxy VIIRS polar observations from Aqua/Terra MODIS data (bands: I5, M12-16)

By Dimitry Sushon

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This example dataset from 11/14/2023 was produced from Aqua/Terra L1 MODIS observations over the Antarctic coast and over Siberia/Arctic Ocean.

The input granules were processed with a VIIRS L1 Generator application to apply bow-tie effect and re-project the data from MODIS to VIIRS spatial resolution, and to assign the MODIS bands to their adjacent VIIRS bands. Complete observations of Imagery band 5 & Moderate Resolution Bands 12-16 are presented, however the incomplete observations in the remaining VIIRS bands are available upon request


This example data presents proxy VIIRS-like data granules over areas of the globe that were not being overflown by Suomi or NOAA-20 (the platforms equipped with VIIRS instruments) at the time of observation, providing the opportunity to have VIIRS-scaled observation possible over a larger area for a given time & allowing historic L1 MODIS observations to be reprocessed into proxy-VIIRS form




Dimitry Sushon, UMBC,


NASA GSFC (EOS Land PEATE), SSEC Univ. Wisconsin-Madison, UMBC HPCF, HDF!


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