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  1. AskICE-D: A querying tool for the ICE-D project

    15 Feb 2024 | Contributor(s):: Joseph P Tulenko, Greg Balco, jason briner, Sophie Goliber

    A tool that helps users build and send SQL queries to the ICE-D database and dynamically returns the query results.


    06 Feb 2024 | Contributor(s):: Gilda Maria Currenti, Rosalba Napoli, Santina Chiara Stissi

    THEPORE (THErmo-POro-Elastic solutions) is an open source software to perform forward and inverse modelling of the ground displacements induced by thermo-poro-elastic sources. The software, implemented in the MATLAB environment, offers a library of analytical and semi-analytical solutions to...

  3. Ice Sheet Simulation compliance checker

    19 Jan 2024 | Contributor(s):: Renette Jones-Ivey, sophie nowicki, Sophie Goliber

    Checks the compliance of a simulation dataset according criteria for ISMIP6

  4. proxy VIIRS polar observations from Aqua/Terra MODIS data (bands: I5, M12-16)

    23 Nov 2023 | Contributor(s):: Dimitry Sushon

    This example dataset from 11/14/2023 was produced from Aqua/Terra L1 MODIS observations over the Antarctic coast and over Siberia/Arctic Ocean.The input granules were processed with a VIIRS L1 Generator application to apply bow-tie effect and re-project the data from MODIS to VIIRS spatial...

  5. GStatSim V1.0: a Python package for geostatistical interpolation and conditional simulation

    16 Oct 2023 | Contributor(s):: Emma MacKie

    GStatSim is a Python package specifically designed for geostatistical interpolation and simulation. These tools are part of our ongoing effort to develop and adapt open-access geostatistical functions.

  6. Code Demos for "Regression on Ice" Lecture Notes

    10 Oct 2023 | Contributor(s):: Noah J Bergam

    Notebooks with visualizations of some basic regression / machine learning concepts for glaciology

  7. Lava Extrusion Geometry Dataset

    02 Oct 2023 | Contributor(s):: Amy Myers, Claire Ellen Harnett, Eoghan Holohan, Thomas Walter, Michael Heap

    This dataset aims to collate data of the geometry of viscous lava extrusions. The dataset contains 323 entries of extrusion height, width, and magma composition listed for all entries.Further information (where available) includes spine length, a second diameter measurement, extrusion...

  8. Regression on Ice: Function approximation for the mathematically-inclined glaciologist

    17 Sep 2023 | Contributor(s):: Noah J Bergam

    Modern satellite-based analysis of the ice sheets presents a profound statistical-geometric problem: how do we make sense of scattered, noisy measurements of vast, steadily evolving surfaces like the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets? In these lecture notes, I attempt to provide the...

  9. Volcanology Higher Education Catalogue v1

    01 Jun 2023 | Contributor(s):: Jacqueline Dohaney, Alison Jolley, Ben Kennedy, Alexander Watson

    Here we share the up to date list of peer reviewed literature concerning volcanology higher education. (Last updated: June 1, 2023)To add a piece to the catalogue, please email the first author (j.dohaney@ed.ac.uk). It takes some time to code the literature, so please be patient. For...

  10. Thermodynamics and dynamics patterns of extreme snow melting in Greenland

    08 May 2023 | Contributor(s):: Josep Bonsoms Garcia, Marc Oliva, Juan Ignacio López-Moreno

    Climate warming is altering the Greenland snow melting rates, duration, and spatial patterns. Here, we examine the summer (June, July and August) extreme (percentile 90th ) snow melting events for the 1959 to 2022 period. Spatial and temporal snow melting is linked with the...

  11. Holocene thinning in central Greenland controlled by the Northeast Greenland Ice Stream

    04 May 2023 | Contributor(s):: Ilaria Tabone, Alexander Robinson, Jorge Alvarez-Solas, Marisa Montoya

  12. US IDP Sub Glacial Rock Coring and Agile Ice Coring Drills

    03 May 2023 | Contributor(s):: Jay Johnson

    This presentation provides a brief overview and introduction to the sub glacial rock coring and agile ice coring drills that are part of the U.S. Ice Drilling Program's inventory. 

  13. Evaluating the Greenland Ice Sheet interior: Design and applicability of the layer age tracer ELSA

    24 Apr 2023 | Contributor(s):: Therese Rieckh

  14. (Poster) KANG-GLAC: A new UK project marrying observations and models for Kangerlussuaq Glacier, SE Greenland

    21 Apr 2023 | Contributor(s):: Kelly Hogan, Colm O Cofaigh, Povl Abrahamsen, John Howe, Mark Inall, Jerry Lloyd, Christian Marz, Clara Manno, Dave Roberts, Louise Sime, Geraint Tarling, Jochen Voss

    A PDF of our poster from the Greenland Ice Sheet Stability: Lessons from the Past workshop.Summary: Here we introduce a new 3.5 year project that combines observations and numerical modelling to study Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) dynamics. In a 50-day research cruise on the UK’s new...

  15. Modeling ice flow variability of the Kangerlussuaq Glacier, southeast Greenland, during 1900-2021

    21 Apr 2023 | Contributor(s):: Eigil Yuichi Hyldgaard Lippert, M. Morlighem (contributor), C. Gong (contributor), S. Khan (contributor)

    Observations show significant ice loss associated with the speed-up of the Kangerlussuaq Glacier (KG) in Greenland since the 2000s. Short-term perturbations significantly impact its mass balance on decadal scales. Utilising a long-term data record going back to 1900 together with the Ice-sheet...

  16. (Poster) Ghub: A new community-driven data-model resource for ice-sheet scientists

    19 Apr 2023 | Contributor(s):: Sophie Goliber, jason briner, sophie nowicki

    PDF of the poster for "Ghub: A new community-driven data-model resource for ice-sheet scientists".