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  1. Antarctica Datasets

    Elevationtesting 1 2 3Velocitythis will have velocity dataGravitymore data loading...RadarloadingMass Balancemore coming soon/* Style the buttons that are used to open and close the accordion panel...


  2. Greenland Ice Sheet Datasets

    Click on the tabs below to find the data you are looking for.Elevationtesting 1 2 3Velocitythis will have velocity dataGravitymore data loading...RadarloadingMass Balancemore coming soon/* Style...


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  1. Tool development tips

    Team development and source controlIt's easy for development team members to collaborate on Ghub. All the users listed on the development team of a tool have access to that tool's repo. So,...


  2. Using Python packages from Jupyter Notebooks

    The Jupyter tool is a useful place to develop Python, R, or Octave code and analyses in a notebook style. Hub users can easily share their notebooks with other users by publishing notebooks as...


  3. Invoke scripts for Jupyter notebooks

    The Ghub tool invoke script is located in the tool's middleware/ subdirectory. When you first create a tool, the basic invoke script provided must be edited to work with Jupyter notebook...


  4. Using submit

    Submit functionality enables qualified users to execute certain codes on the compute cluster. In order to use submit functionality, you must have access to the HUBzero Workspace and be a member of...


  5. Environment variables

    A number of environment variables are available in a Ghub tool session. A few are discussed here. A full list can be viewed by running the env command from a terminal in the Workspace tool, the...


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  1. Incorporating Causality with Deep Learning in Predicting Short-Term and Seasonal Sea Ice

    16 Jul 2024 | Contributor(s):: Emam Hossain, Sahara Ali, Yiyi Huang, Nicole Schlegel, Jianwu Wang, Aneesh Subramanian, Md Osman Gani

    Abstract: Arctic sea ice (ASI) is playing a pivotal role in keeping global warming under control. However, the recently amplified decreasing sea ice trend has become a major concern. Since satellites started monitoring the ASI in 1979, every decade the Arctic has lost 13.1% of sea ice and the...

  2. A Survey on Causal Discovery Methods for IID and Time Series Data

    16 Jul 2024 | Contributor(s):: Uzma Hasan, Emam Hossain, Md Osman Gani

    Abstract: The ability to understand causality from data is one of the major milestones of human-level intelligence. Causal Discovery (CD) algorithms can identify the cause-effect relationships among the variables of a system from related observational data with certain assumptions. Over the...

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  1. Main Page

    What are wiki pages? Wiki pages are user-written articles on a range of subjects. Any contributor or a group of contributors can create (and own) new articles, and there can be multiple articles...


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