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Team development and source control

It's easy for development team members to collaborate on Ghub. All the users listed on the development team of a tool have access to that tool's repo. So, dev team members can check out tool code to their home directory and tinker with it, merge changes, check it back in, etc.

You can create a subdirectory of your home directory, called 'apps' or the like, where you check out shared tool codes. Then you can run our local Jupyter tool there to work on those notebook codes.

Subversion (svn)

Our tools are under source control in the Ghub environment. The source control software used by default is subversion, also known as 'svn'. A handy reference for subversion can be found here: Version Control with Subversion

Example: To check out the current version of a tool called toolio to the current directory:

svn checkout .

Note that when you are first creating a tool you can opt to mark it as a git repo (svn is the default selection).

Tool access

In general in the Ghub environment we can finely control the availability of tools and datasets. You can mark a resource as accessible by any group or set of individual users. Do this in the tool metadata page when you first create a tool, or when you are editing it to prepare for a new release.

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