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  1. Eyjafjallajökull, volcanic clouds and aviation - one year on

    05 Aug 2011 | Contributor(s): Simon Carn

    A workshop at the 2011 IUGG General Assembly in Melbourne, Australia, lead by Andrew Tupper (Australian Bureau of Meteorology), Fred Prata (Norwegian Institute for Air Research), and Arnau Folch (Barcelona Supercomputing Center).The Eyjafjallajokull eruption, resulting in ground and air...

  2. COV7 Workshop W2: Volcano Monitoring Techniques

    14 Dec 2012 | Contributor(s): Jeffrey Johnson, Nick Varley, Eliza S Calder, Gregory Waite, Jo Gottsmann, Simon Carn

    Innovation in volcano monitoring techniques is rapid. In the search for eruption precursors, the more traditional areas of seismicity, geodesy and geochemistry are now routinely complemented by studies of acoustic or thermal emission. We are also beginning to better understand the significance of...

  3. INQUA–INTAV International Field Conference and Workshop: Crossing New Frontiers

    14 Mar 2018 | Contributor(s): Marcus I Bursik

    The INQUA International Focus Group on Tephrochronology and Volcanism (INTAV) cordially invites you to participate in the Crossing New Frontiers - Tephra Hunt in Transylvania international field conference that aims to continue the long tradition of very successful inter-INQUA congress tephra...

  4. Keilir Conference Summary

    29 Sep 2010 | Contributor(s): Marcus I Bursik

    Summary statement for the Atlantic Conference on Eyjafjallajökull and Aviation 15-16 September 2010, Keflavik Airport, Iceland. Contains links to other material. Freely available for redistribution.

  5. PASI: Volcanic Hazards and Remote Sensing in Pacific Latin America

    11 Jan 2011 | Contributor(s): William I Rose, Jose Luis Palma Open Vent Volcanoes PASI in Costa Rica gathered 60 scientists from 13 countries to build scientific networking in the transdisciplinary field of volcanology in January 2011. The accelerating application of field measurements and remote sensing to...

  6. Volcano Monitoring Workshops II : IUGG 2011

    16 Jul 2011 | Contributor(s): Eliza S Calder

    Organized by Jeffrey Johnson & Eliza CalderWorkshop Title: Ground-Based and Remote Sensing of Volcanic UnrestThe workshop involved seven talks focused on fundamental tools used for monitoring and scientific investigation of active volcanic systems. Lectures emphasized emerging technologies,...


    10 Apr 2012 | Contributor(s): Chris S Renschler

    The Rochester Institute of Technology (RIT) and University at Buffalo (UB) Information Products Laboratory for Emergency Response (IPLER) and the UB Center for Geohazards Studies are pleased to announce a joint workshop on the application of remote sensing for disaster response and the science of...

  8. LAHARZ simulation at Colima Volcano

    03 Dec 2012 | Contributor(s): Lucia Capra

    Here you can find a paper on laharz hazard zonation at Colima Volcano using LAHARZ model.

  9. New Methods and Computer Codes for Volcanic Modelling

    18 Jul 2013 | Contributor(s): Martha Kane Savage, Yosuke Aoki, Thomas Lecocq, Jess Johnson, Florent Brenguier, Benoit Taisne, Charles Williams, Nico Fournier

    This workshop was undertaken before the IAVCEI conference in July 2013, complementing the session on "Stress, strain and mass changes at active volcanoes. It brings together seismic and geodetic methods and computational approaches for modelling volcanic processes.Material presented includes:1....

  10. Volcano Acoustics Workshop IAVCEI 2013

    15 Aug 2013 | Contributor(s): Jeffrey Johnson, David Fee

    A two-day volcano acoustics workshop was held at Sakurajima (Japan) in conjunction with the IAVCEI July 2013 general assembly. Presentations given at this workshop are provided for educational purposes. These presentations include the following topics, given in alphabetical order:Global...