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    University at Buffalo, SUNY (UB)

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    address1:116 Wilkeson Quad
    address2:Landscape-based Environmental System Analysis & Modeling (LESAM) Laboratory

  • Biography
    Chris S. Renschler is Director of the Landscape-based Environmental System Analysis and Modeling (LESAM) Laboratory and an Associate Professor in the Department of Geography at the University at Buffalo (UB) - The State University of New York (SUNY) in Buffalo, USA. He is a Research Scientist at three UB institutions: MCEER-Earthquake Engineering to Extreme Events, the Center for GeoHazard Studies, and the National Center for Geographic Information and Analysis (NCGIA). Dr. Renschler is a Geoecologist and Geographer by training and received his Ph.D. from the Faculty of Natural Sciences and Mathematics at the University of Bonn in Germany. The thrust of his holistic systems-based research in the Environmental Sciences and Policy – namely founded in Earth Systems Science (ESS), Geographic Information Science (GIScience) and Environmental Modeling – is to develop and implement quantitative geospatial modeling tools using process-based models and GIS to support effective decision and policy-making in natural resources and extreme events management. Under the conditions of dynamic changes (e.g. land cover/land use change, global change and/or climate change), his interdisciplinary research investigates representations and variability of environmental system properties and processes at various scales using environmental sensors, remote sensing, photogrammetry, GIS and environmental models.