Brief Video Communications: Keweenaw Geoheritage

By William I Rose1, Erika Vye1

1. Michigan Technological University

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Erika Vye and I have fashioned outreach videos aimed at a broad public to educate about local geology in Michigan's Keweenaw Peninsula, where metal mining began thousands of years ago by First Nation immigrants who walked to America from Asia and found copper veins projecting from uncovered glacial deposits and started what some call the American Bronze age. The Keweenaw has high geodiversity--it is a place where the Keweenaw Hotspot, the midcontinent rift and a lrage igeous province can be visited. There are also vast amounts of redbeds filling the rift vally, a well exposed inactive thrust fault, dramatic and extensive glacial deposits, and the world's largest freshwater lake with its strong currents and climatic features. The videos are experiments in communicating public misconceptions.  They involve very brief field explanations, google earth video, drone views and simplifications.  Feedback and advice about these are welcome. We may begin to use them in visitor centers this summer.  Funding comes from the Earth Scope program of Division of Earth Sciences, NSF.

There are three videos with themes: Hot Spot?, Redbeds and Midcontinent Rift.

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