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  1. Running Puffin on Vhub

    Introduction Puffin is a coupling of the programs Puffin (also known as Bent) and Puff. Puffin is a theoretical model of a volcanic plume based on applying the equations of motion in a...


  2. Running Puff from multiple different wind files

    19 Mar 2013 | Contributor(s):: Peter W Webley

    This is an example of how to run Puff from one wind field type and then restart from defined time interval with different NWP type.# First run off AVN-GFS# 24 hrs simulation with 1 hrly outputspuff -volc=Cleveland -eruptDate "2013 03 19 00:00" -model avn --plumeMin=0 --plumeMax=16000 -saveHours 1...

  3. puffin

    08 Sep 2010 | | Contributor(s):: Marcus I Bursik, Alejandro Uriel Carbonara, Sean Michael Zawicki, Abani Patra, Renette Jones-Ivey

    puffin = a tool to run the volcanic ash dispersal model -- puff -- based on the plume trajectory model -- bent.

  4. Probabilistic Analysis of Volcanic Hazards

    18 May 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Puneet Singla, Abani Patra, Jose Luis Palma, E Bruce Pitman

    Material for hands-on introduction to a probabilistic approach towards uncertainty in computations of airborne ash clouds workshop at UB on May 19, 2011.More information in Sheridan et al. (2010), a GSA special paper outlining process for constructing hazard maps using polynomial chaos quadrature...

  5. NASA Archive of Iceland Eyjafjallajokull Volcano Imagery

    11 Mar 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Matt Jones

    Archive of NASA imagery for Iceland's Eyjafjallajokull Volcano, roughly from 2010-04-15 to 2010-05-26. http://science.larc.nasa.gov/asap/research-ash.html Text by Rob Gutro, NASA's Goddard Space Flight Center, Greenbelt, Md