By Simon Carn

Michigan Technological University

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OMIplot is a software package that can be used to ingest, visualize and analyze sulfur dioxide (SO2) data from the Ozone Monitoring Instrument (OMI) aboard NASA's Aura satellite. The OMI SO2 measurements can be used to track drifting volcanic eruption clouds and study volcanic degassing. OMI SO2 data product files in HDF-EOS5 format must be downloaded for use with OMIplot; these are publicly available at no cost from the NASA Goddard Earth Sciences (GES) Data and Information Services Center ( OMIplot is in a continual state of development and is primarily a research code without substantial documentation or help files (at present). Documentation will be added in due course. Options to ingest other OMI data products (including bromine monoxide (BrO), nitrogen dioxide (NO2) and aerosol data) are also forthcoming.

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