GeoProMT v1.0 - Geospatial Project Management Tool

By Chris S Renschler1, Fernando Rios, Graham S Hayes1, Jorge Valentin Bajo1, Thomas W. Slomka1, Michael Sheridan1

1. University at Buffalo, SUNY (UB)

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The Geospatial Project Management Tool (GeoProMT) is a web-based tool for management of shared geo-spatial and multi-temporal data such as GIS data and remotely sensed images. Integral to the GeoProMT framework is role-based access control (RBAC), where data access permissions and data users are associated with appropriate roles, enabling efficient collaboration among participants of large interdisciplinary geo-spatial projects.

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The mission of the GeoProMT Project Team is the development and integration of user-friendly Geographical Information Science and environmental modeling tools using readily available data sets to support a rapid, practical and effective decision-making in integrated environmental and disaster management.

NEW: As of April 23rd 2012, GeoProMT v1.0 was released to the vhub community for free access ( The GeoProMT project planning, file exchange with upload and download function as well as the user experience was greatly enhanced. Please note that the common registration of vhub users is one of the next milestones we want to achieve. The project team would appreciate giving us your feedback through the feedback option at the bottom of each GeoProMT page.








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