Volcanology Higher Education Catalogue v1

By Jacqueline Dohaney1, Alison Jolley2, Ben Kennedy3, Alexander Watson3

1. University of Edinburgh 2. University of Waikato 3. University of Canterbury

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Here we share the up to date list of peer reviewed literature concerning volcanology higher education. (Last updated: June 1, 2023)

To add a piece to the catalogue, please email the first author (j.dohaney@ed.ac.uk). It takes some time to code the literature, so please be patient. 

For a deeper look at the methodology behind how these literature were identified and coded, please see Dohaney et al., 2023 (Volcanica). 

The catalogue includes pieces from ...

  • All types of volcanology topics included (including petrology, geothermal, geophysics, tectonics related to volcanism)
  • All lengths, durations, formats, styles of learning activities included
  • All types of formal higher education (undergraduate, vocational, postgraduate, professionals)
  • All demographic factors (age, race, gender) included
  • All countries (no geographic limits)
  • All years (no historic limits)
  • All scholarly publishing formats: Journal articles, government reports, grey literature, books & book chapters, conference proceedings, theses, published volcanology teaching guides
  • All methods and approaches (e.g., qualitative, quantitative, different disciplinary approaches)

The catalogue excludes pieces that ...

  • Pieces without education content
  • Pieces without volcanology learning content
  • Pieces with less than 25% volcanology learning content
  • Pieces that describe informal education learning activities (outreach, museums, geotourism, etc.)
  • Pieces that describe K-12 learning and college prep (GCSE, pre-college) (only)
  • Excluded document types: newspaper articles, editorials, magazine articles, book reviews, tv show transcript, wirefeed, geologic maps
  • Pieces that describe K-12 teacher training (only)
  • Pieces that have no external peer-review process (e.g., academic websites or commentaries)

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