The Volcanic Hazards Simulation

By Jacqueline Dohaney1, Erik Brogt1, Ben Kennedy1, Thomas Wilson1, Rebecca Fitzgerald1

1. The University of Canterbury

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The Volcanic Hazards Simulation is a half-day capstone activity targeted at upper year geology and emergency management students. It is a complex role-play, where students and instructors play authentic roles and respond to a volcanic crisis scenario. The data for the simulation is delivered via a standalone website, which streams volcanic monitoring data to the students in near-real time.
This activity is best run after a course or field trip which focused extensively on the monitoring, physics, and management of volcanic areas. There are two volcanic settings for which the simulation is built: The Tongariro Volcanic Complex, and the Auckland Volcanic Field (New Zealand)
Please contact the designer (Jacqueline Dohaney) for any queries regarding the running and implementation of the volcanic hazards simulation.

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