Tephra in Quaternary Science 2011 Edinburgh Workshop Report: The Eyjafjallajökull eruptions of 2010

By Andrew Julian Dugmore, Anthony Newton1, Kate Taylor Smith

1. University of Edinburgh

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Report and Community Statement from the workshop on the Eyjafjallajokull eruptions of 2010 and implications for tephrochronology, volcanology and Quaternary studies, Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh, 5th‐6th May 2011.

The first meeting of Tephra in Quaternary Science (TIQS), the new QRA research group, was held at Institute of Geography, University of Edinburgh, 5th-6th May 2011 and involved 36 participants from a wide range of disciplines and backgrounds, from the UK, Iceland, Hungary, Germany, Switzerland and France. The aim of TIQS is to bring together individuals and groups with wide-ranging expertise in order to promote cross-group collaborations for optimizing and advancing tephrochronology. The meeting discussed the lessons that can be learned from the Eyjafjallajokull 2010 eruption and this is the workshop report.

Common themes and community concerns discussed included: 1) the need for comparable data, 2) reworking and preservation of tephra in the proximal and distal records, 3) tephra grain size distributions, 4) protocols for tephra measurement, 5) Quaternary distal tephras, 6) contemporary distal tephras, 7)
input parameters for models and, 8) the importance of preparedness in advance of future eruptions.

The second meeting of TIQS will take place in Spring 2012, last two and a half to three days and will be held at Royal Holloway, London. Discussion topics will include proximal and distal correlations (chemistry, stratigraphy, age), using tephra as a chronological tool and progress from TIQS 2011.

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