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  1. PubVolc

    14 Mar 2011 | Contributor(s): Sonja Mae Melander PubVolc provides a new way for all members of the volcanology community to share their published research. PubVolc is free and is available to anyone with access to the internet, allowing poorly-resourced volcanologists to keep up-to-date with the latest volcanology...

  2. Intra-Conference Field Trip - Natural Park of La Garrotxa volcanic field: magmatic vs phreatomagmatic activity. The role of the basement to control the eruptive dynamics

    29 May 2018 | Contributor(s): Joan Martí, Xavier Bolós, Llorenç Planagumà

  3. Los depósitos de caída de tefra: Una breve revisión sobre su cuantificación y análisis para la clasificación de erupciones volcánicas explosivas, con ejemplos Latinoamericanos

    15 Nov 2015 | Contributor(s): Jorge E. Romero

    La cuantificación de los depósitos volcánicos es una de las herramientas más utilizadas en la actualidad para clasificar la magnitud de la actividad volcánica y determinar los peligros volcánicos asociados. En el caso especial de las erupciones...

  4. TITAN2D Tutorial

    04 Aug 2010 | Contributor(s): E Bruce Pitman, Abani Patra

    This tutorial presents a derivation of the governing equations solved by TITAN2D, and the numerical method employed.

  5. Validation

    27 Sep 2010 | Publications | Contributor(s): Sebastien Dartevelle

    Previous work on the validation of numerical multiphase models for volcanic systems

  6. Assessing the link between mantle source and sub-volcanic plumbing in the petrology of basalts from the 2001 and 2002/2003 eruptions of Mount Etna, Sicily: Evidence from geochemical and helium isotope data

    31 Dec 2010 | Publications | Contributor(s): Ian M. Coulson

    The 2001 and 2002-2003 flank eruptions of Mt. Etna consisted of near continuous explosive activity and sporadic lava flows. Previous studies have suggested that distinct magmas were simultaneously tapped by fissures in different parts of the volcano, indicating a complex plumbing system. From...

  7. Ash Dispersal Forecast and Civil Aviation Workshop - Consensual Document

    15 Feb 2011 | Publications | Contributor(s): Costanza Bonadonna, Arnau Folch

    As a result of the serious consequences of the 2010 Eyjafjallajökull eruption on civil aviation, more than 50 volcanologists, meteorologists, atmospheric dispersion modellers, and space and ground-based monitoring specialists from 12 different countries (including representatives from 6...

  8. Ash Dispersal Forecast and Civil Aviation Workshop - Model Benchmark Document

    15 Feb 2011 | Publications | Contributor(s): Costanza Bonadonna, Arnau Folch

    One of the main objectives of the IAVCEI-WMO Ash dispersal forecast and civil aviation workshop was to investigate the variability of existing Volcanic Ash Transport and Dispersal Models (VATDM) in order to identify new improved strategies of dispersal forecasting, e.g. probability/ensemble...

  9. Keweenaw Boulder Garden

    27 Apr 2011 | Publications | Contributor(s): William I Rose Boulder Gardens are selected and arranged groups of boulders, designed for an educational purpose. At Michigan Tech we selected 40 diverse and representative glacial lag boulders which represent the lithology of all of the regional surficial...

  10. Large Scale Experiments on Volcanic Processes (EOS)

    19 Jul 2011 | Publications | Contributor(s): Greg A Valentine

    Some of the least understood and most hazardous geologic processes involve complex multiphase flows, particularly those related to explosive volcanic eruptions. These phenomena inherently involve a wide range of characteristic length and time scales, as well as processes that are coupled across...