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The VALS working group has facilitated conference workshops and sessions to encourage discussion about VALS. Below summaries some of our key events and news.


The VALS working group is running workshop 2 Exploring the role and value of communication products and protocols: volcano alert level systems as part of the Cities on Volcanoes 10 Conference. 

This workshop aims to support volcanologists and key user groups (e.g. civil protection) in their implementation and use of Volcano Alert Level Systems (VALS) and communication products and protocols used at various volcano observatories around the world (including the Aviation Colour Code). Following a previous workshop in CoV9 in Chile, and a number of recent publications on VALS, it is a fitting time to share knowledge, experience and best practices so that all practitioners can benefit, particularly those who are devising new systems, or considering alternatives. Representatives from observatories and key user groups are invited to present their existing VALS and communication procedures, describe how it was developed and why, along with its use by various stakeholders. It is also an opportunity to discuss any challenges and opportunities in the design and operation of VALS. As part of the workshop, a series of discussions and exercises will be facilitated to review the diversity, challenges, and benefits of VALS. Aspects for the working group to investigate further will be identified, and a plan made for future workshops and potentially new collaborative research. The workshop will be run by the IAVCEI working group on Volcano Alert Level Systems, which is part of WOVO. A proposed output is a special issue publication from the COV9 and CoV10 workshops and session. Contributions from those who were not able to attend the conference or workshop are encouraged (see: https://www.citiesonvolcanoes10.com/workshops-list/w-2/)

We are also planning an online questionnaire and continue to catalogue VALS around the world, with the aim of releasing some tools and resources during 2019.


There were no VALS sessions or workshops run at conferences in 2017. Members of the VALS working group contributed towards publishing the book 'Observing the Volcano World: Volcanic Crisis Communication', edited by C. J. Fearnley, D. Bird, G. Jolly, K. Haynes and B. McGuire, Springer, 2018. You can download the ebook and chapters for free via open access here: https://www.springer.com/gp/book/9783319440958 


Cities on Volcanoes 9 conference, Puerto Varas, Chile:

  • We ran a pre-conference workshop to discuss VALS (including the Aviation Colour Code). Researchers and representatives from observatories presented about their VALS and describe how it was developed, and why. We ran an exercise using a VALS, and discussed the challenges and benefits of VALS. 
  • We also ran a conference session focused around VALS and communication products and protocols. Recent research on VALS was presented, as well as examples of the use of VALS during recent eruptions. A summary of the pre-conference workshop was given.


IUGG/IAVCEI meeting, Prague, Czech Republic 22 June - 2 July 2015:

  • We ran a conference session called ‘VW03 Effective Communication Tools: What Can Volcanology Learn from Other Hazards?’




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