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About the Group

The term monogenetic as applied to volcanic systems carries with it the concept of eruptions of batches of magma within short timescales. Monogenetic volcanism is commonly expressed as clusters of individual volcanoes forming fields of small cones which are a consequence of dispersed plumbing systems feeding discrete batches of magma to the Earth’s surface. Beyond this relatively simple concept there is a wide range of temporal, spatial and compositional variables.

The IAVCEI Commission on Monogenetic Volcanism (CMV) main goal is to provide a forum for researchers to define and understand the phenomenon of small volume magmatic systems and their surface expression as volcano fields. The CMV aim is to take leading role to facilitate, coordinate and focus research and research outputs in regard to monogenetic volcanism and to assist to researchers to develop a refined and unified model of this type of volcanism.

Basic scientific questions, such as the monogenetic nature of these commonly small-volume, small magma output volcanoes are currently frontline research subjects showing growing evidence to develop a more suitable and united model for the formation of these volcanoes from an interdisciplinary perspective. The IAVCEI Commission on Monogenetic Volcanism will serve a mediating and facilitating role in this scientific process as well as provide an interface to disseminate fragmented research effort to be possible to view in a broader perspective.



Marie-Noelle Guilbaud - Mexico (m.guilbaud@geofisica.unam.mx)

Alison Graettinger- USA (graettingera@umkc.edu)


Past Coordinators of the Commission are:

Benjamin van Wyk de Vries - France (B.vanwyk@opgc.fr)

Jiaqi Liu - China (liujq@mail.iggcas.ac.cn)

Vladislav Rapprich - Czech Republic (vladislav.rapprich@geology.cz)

Sara Mountaj - Morocco (sara.mountaj@gmail.com)

Catherine Lit - Philippines (litcatherine@gmail.com)

Karoly Nemeth (k.nemeth@massey.ac.nz)
Ian E Smith (ie.smith@auckland.ac.nz)
Adrian Pittari (apittari@waikato.ac.nz )

Image: Large number of small-volume volcanoes form numerous intra-continental volcanic fields in the western margin of the Arabian Peninsula, that is only one of the many volcanic fields commonly referred to as monogenetic volcanic fields.