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  1. Acacia Clark


  2. Documentation for "Pyroclast cooling and saturation in water"

    31 Mar 2018 | Contributor(s):: Kristen Fauria, Michael Manga

    Here we provide the experimental data and code used in the manuscript Pyroclast cooling and saturation in water by Kristen E. Fauria and Michael Manga. Raw experimental data can be accessed with the attached link. Subfolders organize the data by single experiment. Within each subfolder...

  3. Steffen Kutterolf


  4. Documentation for "Trapped bubbles keep pumice afloat and gas diffusion makes pumice sink"

    02 Mar 2017 | Contributor(s):: Kristen Fauria, Michael Manga, Zihan Wei

    Here we make available raw data and code used in the paper, "Trapped bubbles keep pumice afloat and gas diffusion makes pumice sink" by Fauria, Manga, and Wei (2017, EPSL). Included in this database is:1. A .pdf copy of Fauria et al. (2017).2. Trapped bubble and vesicle volume and...

  5. Pierre-Simon Ross

    Professor of volcanology and economic geology at ''Institut national de la recherche scientifique'' in Quebec City, Canada


  6. James D L White

    Magma erupting in almost all earth environments passes through or into water, and I am interested in how, and the degree to which, it affects eruptions.