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  6. ASHEE

    14 Aug 2015 | Contributor(s):: Matteo Cerminara, Tomaso Esposti Ongaro

    A fluid-dynamic model is developed to numerically simulate the non-equilibrium dynamics of polydisperse gas-particle mixtures forming volcanic plumes. Starting from the three-dimensional N-phase Eulerian transport equations for a mixture of gases and solid particles, we adopt an asymptotic...

  7. Pyroclastic density currents and local topography as seen with the conveyer model

    15 Apr 2014 | Contributor(s):: Domenico M. Doronzo

    Pyroclastic density currents (PDCs) are multiphase flows generated during explosive volcanic eruptions, and they move down the volcano, and over the surrounding topography. The flow-topography interaction can play a fundamental role in the sedimentary processes, and in the resulting deposit...

  8. What good are (PDC) models?

    31 Jul 2013 | Contributor(s):: Tomaso Esposti Ongaro

    This slides have been presented to the W06 workshop on "Benchmarking volcano models" at IAVCEI 2013 (Kagoshima, Japan). The presentation introduces a hierarchy of fluid dynamics models for pyroclastic density currents (PDC) and the problem of estimating their related uncertainties. A validation...

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  11. Pyroclastic density currents and deposits

    29 Jan 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Gert Lube

    This lecture is part of the Large-scale Experiments Workshop held in September, 2010.

  12. TITAN2D References

    22 Jan 2011 | | Contributor(s):: Sarah Elizabeth Ogburn

    Contains a list of references about TITAN2D, specifically a list of volcanoes and types of flows for which it has been used.