Greenland Ice Sheet Model Plotting Tool

By Erika Simon


This Jupyter notebook plots an uploaded ice sheet model directly in the notebook and/or saving the plot to the user's local machine.

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Version 2.0.1 - published on 23 Apr 2019

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This Jupyter notebook can be used to plot an ice sheet model directly in the notebook and/or saving the plot the user's local machine.

The user can upload a single ice sheet model file in netcdf format. This model file will be in a temporary folder within the vhub environment. The user can run the cells in the notebook individually by clicking on each cell and run the cell with the shift+return or shift+enter option or from the Cell tab Run the indiviadual or all cells option.

The user needs to choose which file to upload. Then enter the desired file name to read in the file below.

After running the basic processing and plotting cells the ice sheet model can be viewed within the notebook. The user also have an option to save the plot. The plot will be saved in the user's home directory on vhub. The user can also choose to download the result by clicking on the download botton. The plot will appear in a new window and by right clicking the image it can be downloaded using several different options.

The notebook imports the following python packages:

import hublib
import os,sys
import numpy

import matplotlib
import cartopy
import as ccrs
import as shpreader

from hublib.ui import FileUpload, Download

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