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  1. Jupyter Lab (202210)

    22 Mar 2023 | Contributor(s): Steven Clark

    An extensible environment for interactive and reproducible computing, based on the Jupyter Notebook architecture.

  2. LavaFlow Mapper and FRP statistical analysis

    14 Dec 2022 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Francisco Javier Vasconez, Juan Camilo Anzieta

    Mapping active lava flows in near-real time by using the FIRMS thermal data and filters in the track GSD and Fire Radiative Power (FRP) in the open source R software.

  3. GLAcier Feature Tracking testkit

    09 Dec 2022 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Whyjay Zheng

    Evaluating and benchmarking glacier velocity products derived from feature tracking

  4. 18 March 2007 Mt. Ruapehu lahar seismic data

    07 Dec 2022 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Braden Walsh, Charline Lormand, Jon Procter, Glyn Williams-Jones

    This data contains the 3-component seismic data recorded for the 18 March 2007 Mt. Ruapehu, New Zealand lahar. There are three seismic stations located at 7.4 (RTMT), 28 (TRAN), and 83 (COLL) km from flow source along the flow channel.

  5. Antarctic ice sheet paleo-constraint database

    29 Nov 2022 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Benoit Lecavalier, Lev Tarasov, Greg Balco, Perry Spector, Claus-Dieter Hillenbrand, Christo Buizert, Catherine Ritz, Marion Leduc-Leballeur, Robert Mulvaney, Pippa L. Whitehouse, Michael J. Bentley, Jonathan Bamber

    We present a database of observational constraints on past Antarctic ice sheet changes during the last glacial cycle intended to consolidate the observations that represent our understanding of past Antarctic changes, for state-space estimation, and paleo-model calibrations. The database is a...

  6. Jupyter Notebooks (202210)

    28 Oct 2022 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Steven Clark (contributor)

    Starts the Jupyter notebook server in your home directory.

  7. GIS layers of North America ice sheet history

    03 Oct 2022 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): jason briner

    Included are ArcGIS shapefiles of North American ice sheet extent in 36 time slices spanning from 18,000 to 1,000 years ago.

  8. GIS layer of Greenland Ice Sheet bed available for sub-ice drilling

    15 Sep 2022 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): jason briner

    This dataset includes several geographical-information-system (GIS, ArcGIS) shapefiles relating to this study:Briner, J.P., Walcott, C.K., Schaefer, J.M., Young, N.E., MacGregor, J.A., Poinar, K., Keisling, B.A., Anandakrishnan, S., Albert, M.R., Kuhl, T., Boeckmann, G. (submitted). Where to...


    05 Sep 2022 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Ana Guadarrama


  10. Volcanic Ash Explorer Workflow

    16 Aug 2022 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Renette Jones-Ivey, Marcus I Bursik, Abani Patra, Klaus Sievers

    Volcanic Ash Explorer Workflow

  11. VBlasts Workshop 2018: Seismo-Acoustic Records

    03 Jan 2022 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Robin Matoza, Gregory Waite, Sean Maher, Ingo Sonder (contributor)

    Data from the 2018 NSF Workshop on Volcanic Blasts.We moved the whole dataset to zenodo, all of its parts. the dataset is available under the doi 10.5281/zenodo.5842607.

  12. VBlasts Workshop 2018: Video Material

    15 Dec 2021 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Kae Tsunematsu, Julie Oppenheimer, Ingo Sonder, Tullio Ricci, David M Hyman, Jacopo Taddeucci, Einat Lev

    Data from the 2018 NSF Workshop on Volcanic Blasts.We moved the whole dataset to zenodo, all of its parts. the dataset is available under the doi 10.5281/zenodo.5842607.

  13. An Open Source Tool for Visualizing ISM Intercomparisons

    14 Dec 2021 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Alex Becerra, sophie nowicki, Erika Simon

    This tool produces visualizations from Seroussi et al. (2020).

  14. VBlasts Workshop 2018: Coordinates & Positions

    09 Dec 2021 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Ingo Sonder

    Data from the 2018 NSF Workshop on Volcanic Blasts.We moved the whole dataset to Zenodo, all of its parts. The dataset is available under the doi 10.5281/zenodo.5842607.

  15. CESM ISMIP6 Forcing Data

    20 Oct 2021 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Kate Thayer-Calder, Gunter Leguy, William Lipscomb

    The Community Earth System Model (CESM) version 2.1 is a world-class coupled climate system model that includes components for the atmosphere, ocean, terrestrial system, river run-off, and fully active glaciers (Danabasoglu et al. 2020). This version of CESM was used in many experiments as part...

  16. IceBridge ATM L2 Icessn Elevation, Slope, and Roughness

    23 Sep 2021 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Ash Narkevic, Ivan Parmuzin, Beata Maria Csatho, Greg Babonis

    This data set contains  IceBridge ATM L2 Icessn Elevation, Slope, and Roughness data  (Studinger, M. 2014, updated 2020) organized into individual flight lines, both in ascii and ArcGIS shape file formats.  The data were collected as part of NASA's Operation...

  17. Approximation by Localized Penalized Splines (ALPS)

    22 Sep 2021 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Prashant Shekhar, Abani Patra

    Approximation by Localized Penalized Splines (ALPS)

  18. Mass Balance and Velocity Data for Greenland Ice Sheet at High Elevations

    17 Sep 2021 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Beata Maria Csatho, Ash Narkevic, Ivan Parmuzin

    This is an estimation of mass balance of the Greenland Ice Sheet at higher elevations, computed as the difference between the estimated annual total snow accumulation and ice discharge. Measurements are taken at 161 stations located 30 km apart, at 2000 m elevation that circumnavigates Greenland....

  19. Greenland Surface Strain Rates & Stresses

    15 Sep 2021 | *Data Sets/Collections | Contributor(s): Kristin Poinar

    These datasets are 2D principal strain rates and principal stresses across the surface of the Greenland Ice Sheet.We started with representative surface velocities over a 20-year period (Joughin et al., 2016). We smoothed the velocities with a 1 km × 1 km boxcar filter, which carries...

  20. NCAR Coupled ISMIP6 Data Plotting Tool

    07 Sep 2021 | *Tools | Contributor(s): Kate Thayer-Calder

    Notebook to create plots of global temperature from historical and projected model simulations