By Seb Biass1, Costanza Bonadonna2

1. University of Hawai'i 2. University of Geneva, Switzerland

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UPDATE: A new version of dWind is now available as part of the TephraProb package here: https://vhub.org/resources/4094
It allows to download wind data from both the NOAA NCEP Reanalysis 1 and the ECMWF Era-Interim datasets and provides a variety of functions to plot and analyse wind patterns.


Wind is a crucial input for any tephra dispersal model. The NOAA NCEP Reanalysis 1 database provides up to 4-daily measurements for 17 pressure levels, from 1948 to present, but the downloading process from this database is time-consuming and the conversion to a shape readable by most tephra dispersal models is not straightforward.

This script (dWind) is part of a Matlab toolbox currently being developped at University of Geneva. It helps to i) download wind from the NOAA server and ii) to convert into a 3-columns text files, containing:
1. Altitude (m)
2. Wind velocity (m/s)
3. Direction the wind blows to (degrees)

A post-processing module allows the user to analyse output wind files, through visualization of wind profiles and wind roses.




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