Tephra2 Source Code

By Chuck B Connor1, Leah Michelle Courtland1

1. University of South Florida (USF)

Published on


Tephra2 uses the advection diffusion equation to forecast tephra dispersion in a given location based on a user-defined set of eruptive conditions.

Tephra2 codes are now maintained on GitHub: https://github.com/geoscience-community-codes/tephra2


Available are:

1-processor version running under linux: tephra2.tar.gz (default)

1-processor version running under cygwin: tephra2.zip

To Install the code, run the makefile provided.

This version supports command line interface only. In order to download the rappture GUI and wrapper script, open the Tephra2 tool page (in online simulations) and click the download link just under the launch button. This will provide you with the entire tephra2 file system including GUI, examples, etc.

After installation, one may run Tephra2 as follows:

tephra2 tephra2.conf grid.in wind.in > tephra2.out

For more info, see the manual associated with this tool.




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