(Poster) KANG-GLAC: A new UK project marrying observations and models for Kangerlussuaq Glacier, SE Greenland

By Kelly Hogan1, Colm O Cofaigh2, Povl Abrahamsen1, John Howe3, Mark Inall3, Jerry Lloyd2, Christian Marz4, Clara Manno1, Dave Roberts2, Louise Sime1, Geraint Tarling1, Jochen Voss5

1. British Antarctic Survey 2. Durham University 3. Scottish Association of Marine Sciences 4. Bonn University 5. Leeds University

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A PDF of our poster from the Greenland Ice Sheet Stability: Lessons from the Past workshop.

Summary: Here we introduce a new 3.5 year project that combines observations and numerical modelling to study Greenland Ice Sheet (GrIS) dynamics. In a 50-day research cruise on the UK’s new polar research vessel, the RRS Sir David Attenborough (SDA) we will acquire oceanographic, biogeochemical and geological observations in Kangerlussuaq fjord and shelf, SE Greenland. These new datasets will underpin numerical modelling to determine the rates and magnitude of ice-sheet change during past warm periods (e.g. Holocene Thermal Maximum; 8-5 ka) as an analogue for future GrIS change.