eject model

By Larry Garver Mastin

U.S. Geological Survey--Cascades Volcano Observatory

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Eject is a user-friendly model that calculates the trajectories of blocks that are ballistically ejected from volcanic craters. It has also been used to calculate ballistic trajectories of other objects in other other settings, including missiles and bullets.
Details are at:

The attached zip file installs the program on any Windows PC. To install the program, do the following:
1. Copy the file "eject_1-4.zip" to the hard drive of your Windows-based computer
2. Unzip the files in "eject_1-4.zip"
3. Double-click on the file "setup.exe". This will install the software on your computer.
4. Once it is installed, go to the "start" button, the to "programs." You will see the program in your program list.

<nb:publications>Mastin, L.G., 2001. A simple calculator of ballistic trajectories for blocks ejected during volcanic eruptions, U.S. Geological Survey Open-File Report 01-45. U.S. Geological Survey, p. 26.</nb:publications>

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