By Arnau Folch1, Antonio Costa2, Giovanni Macedonio2

1. Barcelona Supercomputing Center 2. Istituto Nazionale di Geofisica e Vulcanologia

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FPLUME is a steady-state 1D cross-section averaged eruptive plume model which accounts for plume bent over, entrainment of ambient moisture, effects of water phase changes on the energy budget, particle fallout, particle re-entrainment by turbulent eddies, different empirical parameterizations for air entrainment, and particle aggregation in presence of liquid water or ice that depends on plume dynamics, particle properties, and amount of liquid water and ice existing in the plume. The modeling of aggregation in the plume allows for estimating an "effective" Total Grain Size Distribution (TGSD) depleted in fines with respect to that erupted at the vent.

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  • Arnau Folch; Antonio Costa; Giovanni Macedonio (2016), "FPlume-1.1," https://theghub.org/resources/3952.

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