TOTGS: Total grainsize distribution of tephra fallout

By Seb Biass1, Costanza Bonadonna2

1. University of Geneva 2. University of Geneva, Switzerland

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Quantifying the total grainsize distribution (TGSD) is a necessary step to achieve a thorough characterization of a given tephra deposit. Several methods exist to do so, including the Voronoi technique of Bonadonna and Houghton (2005).
Here, we developed a Matlab graphical user interface for the code published by Bonadonna and Houghton (2005) and updated routines for the calculations of the TGSD. Improvements include:
-The ability to work with both geographic and projected coordinates;
-A map-based module to assist the definition of the zero-deposit contour;
-A set of tools to summarize, visualize and export results.
This Matlab tool has been tested with Matlab 2011a but is supposed to work from the 2008a version. In case no Matlab is available, we compiled standalone versions of the toolbox for Mac, Linux and Windows relying on the free MER libraries (

November 2015

New version with changes including:

  • Bux fixes
  • Possibility to use Excel files
  • Possibility to use binning in phi units
  • Upgraded user interfaces
  • The Voronoi cells are now colored as a function of the mass contained in each cell

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