Eruption data for ash-cloud model validation

By Larry Garver Mastin1, Costanza Bonadonna2, Arnau Folch3, peter webley4, barbara stunder5, Michael Pavolonis6

1. U.S. Geological Survey 2. University of Geneva, Switzerland 3. Barcelona Supercomputing Center 4. University of Alaska, Fairbanks 5. NOAA Air Resources Laboratory 6. NOAA NESDIS

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This is a collection of data, references, and links to data on well-documented eruptions whose observations can be used to validate ash-cloud transport models. Data include, among other things, plume height, duration, erupted volume, satellite observations, numerical wind fields, and grain-size distribution.

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  • Larry Garver Mastin; Costanza Bonadonna; Arnau Folch; peter webley; barbara stunder; Michael Pavolonis (2013), "Eruption data for ash-cloud model validation,"

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