Titan2D Mass-Flow Simulation Tool

Simulate mass flows on realistic terrains using adaptive mesh refinement.

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Version 4.0.0 - published on 23 Jun 2016

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The Titan2D toolkit is used for modeling of geophysical mass flows over natural terrain (volcanic flows, avalanches, landslides etc.). Titan2D uses an adaptive finite volume scheme, and assumes that a large class of granular flows of geophysical origin can be modeled with different rheologies modeling the interactions between the grains of the media and between the granular material and the basal surface. The solution is parallelized using the message-passing interface (MPI) and open multi-processing (OpenMP).  Although simulations for difficult terrains can be relatively time consuming even on large computational clusters, many improvements have been incorporated into the new release of Titan2D including improved runtime performance.  An essential input is the digital elevation model (DEM), since the flow simulation requires elevation, slope, curvature, and material information at every cell to be computed. This tool fronts a Titan2D simulation, but does not prepare the necessary DEM input, which is a prerequisite. For helpful information on running Titan2D see Titan2D_User_Guide.pdf.  (Note, TITAN_UserGuide.pdf and TITAN_UserGuide_Espanol.pdf are deprecated and maintained for backward reference only.)

Note 03/31/2021: We have detected anomalies with the Voellmy-Salm material model.  We are currently implementing fixes for these anomalies.  Please do not use this material model until further notice.

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