FlowDat: Mass Flow Database

By Sarah Elizabeth Ogburn

University at Buffalo, SUNY (UB)

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This database is a collection of mass flow parameters and mobility metrics. It currently (12/2012) includes 171 block-and-ash flows (BAFs) with 26 accompanying ash-cloud surges, 60 pumice flows, 6 mixed avalanches, 77 volcanic debris avalanches, 105 non-volcanic debris avalanches, and 29 extra-terrestrial mass flows. About 70 volcanoes are represented.

Recorded data include dates, locations, run-out length, deposit length, bird's-eye length, sinuosity, planimetric area, cross-sectional area, volume, and height dropped. Some flows have center of mass estimates, topographic information, and velocities.

The FlowDat database is a relational MySQL database. Here, you can download a snap-shot, flat view of the larger relational database as an Excel spreadsheet. Please request group membership to access the database.

NOTE: Currently undergoing an update!


Ogburn, S.E. 2012. FlowDat: Mass flow database v2.2. On Vhub at https://vhub.org/groups/massflowdatabase