Plumeria 2.3.1--Fortran open-source version

By Larry Garver Mastin

U.S. Geological Survey--Cascades Volcano Observatory

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This is an open-source Fortran version of Plumeria, a one-dimensional steady-state model for volcanic plumes. It calculates plume properties such as upward velocity, radius, density, mass fractions of particles, air, water vapor, liquid water and ice, as a function of height in a plume.
The zip file contains source code, a makefile, example input files, a readme file that explains how to compile and run the model, and a document explaining the version history.
The Fortran version of Plumeria was written on an Ubuntu Linux operating system. The makefile is written to compile with gfortran (the gnu fortran compiler). With a one-line modification in the makefile, Plumeria can compile with any compiler.
Unlike the Windows/Visual Basic version of Plumeria, the fortran version has no gui. Output is an ascii table of plume properties as a function of elevation. But the source code can be modified and program execution can be incorporated into scripts that automate runs easily.
The Plumeria model is documented in Mastin (2007), cited below.

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