Plumeria 2.3.1

By Larry Garver Mastin

U.S. Geological Survey--Cascades Volcano Observatory

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This is a graphical 1-D steady-state model for the dynamics of volcanic plumes. Written in Visual Basic, it runs on all computers having a Windows operating system (Windows 98 or later).
Input values are entered into text boxes in the GUI. These magma temperature, gas content, vent diameter, mass fraction added water, thermal lapse rate in the troposphere, tropoause height, thermal lapse rate in the stratosphere. Atmospheric properties from radiosonde or numerical weather prediction data can also be loaded into the model.
Output includes graphs or ascii output of plume properties, such as ascent rate, plume density, mass fraction particles, air, water vapor, liquid water & ice) with elevation.
the zip file contains the files needed to install plumeria on a Windows-based computer. A readme file in that zip file contains installation instructions. The model is described in Mastin (2007), cited below.


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