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    USRA - Lunar and Planetary Institute

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    Since February 2009: Ph.D Candidate, School of Environment, the University of Auckland, New Zealand. Research Project: “Physical Controls on Monogenetic Basaltic Volcanism, Auckland Volcanic Field”, Supervisors: Dr. Julie Rowland, Dr. Jan Lindsay, Prof. Colin Wilson.

    July to December 2010: Guest Researcher at the University of Bristol, UK. Reseach Project: “Interaction of ascending magma with pre-existing structures in monogenetic basaltic volcanism: an experimental approach”, Supervisor: Dr. Thierry Menand

    April 2008 – January 2009: Guest Researcher at the GFZ, Potsdam, Germany. Research Project:“Deformation patterns associated with an eruption at Mount Etna volcano: a combined study of the 2001 episode using geodesy and analogue modelling”, Supervisor: Dr. Thomas R. Walter.

    July 2007 – November 2007: Volunteer at the University of Colima, Mexico. Research Project:“AVHRR Thermal Monitoring on Central America volcanoes”. Supervisors: Dr. Ignacio Galindo Estrada (University of Colima) and Dr. Andrea Steffke (University of Hawaii, Manoa).

    May 2007 – July 2007: Volunteer at the Centre of Exchange and Research in Volcanology, with Dr. N. Varley and Dr. J. Stevenson, Colima, Mexico.

    October 2006 – May 2007: Guest Researcher at the GFZ, Potsdam, Germany. Research Project:“Internal deformation of large volcanic island: comparison between gravitational spreading and rift zone intrusion”. Supervisor: Dr. Thomas R. Walter.

    July 2005: Masters of Science: Magma & Volcanoes, Laboratory of Magma & Volcanoes, University of Blaise Pascal, Clermont-Ferrand. Masters thesis: “Socompa Volcano Destabilisation (Chile) and Debris Avalanches”; supervisors: Benjamin Van Wyk de Vries (University of Blaise Pascal, France), Stephen Self (Open University, UK); including one month at the Open University.

    2003 – 2004: Exchange student, MSc Earth Sciences: Lithosphere Tectonics, Petrology, and Isotope Geochemistry with Second Class Honours. ERASMUS (European program) at the Vrije Universiteit of Amsterdam, Netherlands.

    June 2003: Bachelor’s degree in Earth and Life Sciences, University of Rennes1, France.