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  • Created 13 Jun 2012

About the Group

Public Description

This is the user group for users interested in trying, testing and using Pingu for plotting geochemical data. In order to be able to use this tool you have to be part of this group. You will get instant membership by clicking on the button on the left-hand side of this panel ;)

As we continue developing this tool we’d like to have your support providing feedback to Pingu’s functionality, report bugs, ask for new capabilities, etc. At the same time we will be updating the manual and tutorials showing how Pingu works and how to take full advantage of its analysis and plotting capabilities. The manual can be accessed clicking on the Wiki link of the group in the left panel or clicking here. For the impatient, a quick start guide can be found here. An example of an Excel file showing how the data needs to be prepared for uploading can be found under resources

We expect to produce a useful tool for students and researchers in petrology and volcanology.