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ISMIP6 Meetings


Upcoming 2024 meetings & workshops

June Workshop 2024

Event Address: The Woodlands at Algonkian Regional Park, 47001 Fairway Drive, Sterling VA 20165 Date: June 10 – 14 June 2024.

The workshop primary goal is to revisit the decisions that led to the ISMIP6 standalone ice sheet model protocol and design draft protocols for ISMIP7. ISMIP7 has launched a series of focus groups on SMB, Ice-ocean interactions, Antarctic ice-shelf collapse, Sea level and GIA, and observations. A key focus for ISMIP7 is how to improve the historical simulations of ice sheets. The workshop will provide an opportunity for these focus groups to interact with each other as well as with the ISMIP ice sheet modelers. We will also invite stakeholders.

The workshop will be designed to be a creative, collaborative event, that will review and identify the limitation of ISMIP6 and assess progress since ISMIP6. It will include 1) brief presentations of plans for ISMIP7/CMIP7, current thoughts from focus groups and other projects, current ISM capabilities 2) multiple breakout groups and 3) discussions of paths forwards and identifying deadlines for delivery of sea level projections from ISMIP7 to be considered by IPCC AR7. This will be also be the time to try ideas in models, draft preliminary papers etc. Outcomes and feedback from this workshop will be presented to the community at the two smaller workshop linked to IGS and Fall AGU.

We have a limited number of places and would like to accommodate as many expertise as possible, if interested in participating, please email ismip6 -at- gmail.com… This workshop is sponsored by the Heising Simons Foundation, and we aim to sponsor lodging in shared cottages and flights for as many participants as possible. If you would like to have your flight sponsored by the event, you will need to use the provided travel agency.

IGS 2024

Northumbria University, Newcastle; 6th August 2024

Venue: IGS2024 International Symposium of Verification and Validation of Cryospheric Models Timing: During IGS (4-9 Aug) and to be more precise Tuesday August 6th afternoon.

This is a special workshop as we will review the current ideas for the ISMIP7 protocol. We will also be accepting our IGS Richardson Team award, so it will be a great opportunity to celebrate all that ISMIP6 accomplished! Please register your interest here.

PreAGU 2024 Washington DC

Washington DC; Sunday 8 December 2024

Venue: TBD Timing: ~ TBD

We are pleased to be organizing an ISMIP7 event @ Fall AGU 2024! These in person meeting were one of our favorite aspect of ISMIP6…


Past meetings & workshops

PreAGU 2023 San Francisco

San Francisco, CA; Sunday 10 December 2023

Venue: https://fortmason.org/venue/firehouse/ The Firehouse

Timing: ~ noon – 5pm

We are pleased to be organizing an ISMIP6 event @ Fall AGU 2023! These in person meeting were one of our favorite aspect of ISMIP6… We have started the transition from ISMIP6 to ISMIP7 :). This one afternoon workshop on 10th Dec will be dedicated to the planning of ISMIP7, review, build on and gain feedback on the work done so far. Our current target is both standalone ice sheet models and coupled climate ice sheet models (but the focus may change depending on who is coming).

To help us organize this workshop and final headcount for lunch and coffee, please fill in the form by November 20, 2023. If you would still like to join us after this date, send an email to ismip6-at-gmail.com

ISMIP6 workshop at SCAR INSTANT Conference 2023

Trieste, Italy; 11-14 September 2023

ISMIP6 workshop at The 28th IUGG General Assembly

CityCube Berlin in Berlin, Germany; 11-20 July 2023

ISMIP6 workshop at IUGG Montreal 2019

IUGG Montreal; 14 July 2019

The goal of the workshop is to analyze the ISMIP6 simulations and work on the papers that will be coming out in the coming months for AR6. Our idea was to work on both standalone ISM and coupled climate-ISM simulations, with the following goals identified when the workshop proposal was submitted:

  • analyze the ISMIP6 standalone ice sheet model simulations
  • analyze the ISMIP6 coupled ice sheet-climate model simulations
  • analyze the CMIP6 ScenarioMIP simulations and develop a framework for standalone ice sheet model simulations
  • identify and create strawman drafts of the ISMIP6 publications that need to be submitted prior to December 2019.
  • identify and create strawman drafts of the ISMIP6 publications that can be submitted after December 2019.
  • begin the discussion of next steps post CMIP6/AR6 deadline.

Splinter Meeting at EGU 2019

Vienna, Austria; 10 April 2019

Pre-AGU 2018 ISMIP6 workshop

EATON DC, 1201 K Street NW, Washington DC, USA; 9 December 2018

ISMIP6 workshop: Developing process-based projections of the ice sheets’ contribution to future sea level

Van der Valk Hotel Sassenheim-Leiden, Netherlands; 11-13 September 2018

We invite you to the ISMIP6 workshop “Developing process-based projections of the ice sheets’ contribution to future sea level” to evaluate the output of the CMIP6 climate models and obtain forcing for standalone ice sheet model experiments. This workshop will be key for establishing the experimental protocols for the ice sheet model simulations that target the IPCC AR6 report.

Pre-AGU 2017 ISMIP6 workshop

Bourbon Hotel of the French quarter, 717 Orleans St, New Orleans, LA, USA; 10 December 2017

ISMIP6 splinter meeting at EGU General Assembly 2017

Vienna, Austria; 25 April 2017

Splinter meeting to discuss results of initMIP-Antarctica with the participants (SMP18).

Pre-AGU 2016 ISMIP6 workshop

The Firehouse, Fort Mason, 2 Marine Blvd, San Francisco, CA, USA; 10-11 December 2016

ISMIP6 is hosting two workshops, the first one on initMIP (10th December 2016), the second one on ocean forcing for ice sheet models (11th December 2016). This scoping meeting will set the direction for the standalone ice sheet component of ISMIP6, and lay the foundation for a more detailed evaluation of CMIP6 models and generation of oceanic forcing in late 2017. December 10, 2016 Workshop: Initialization of ice sheet models (initMIP)

  • A one-day workshop will be held on December 10, 2016 in San Francisco, USA, to discuss the results and further steps of initMIP. This effort focuses on the initialization of standalone ice sheet models used for projections and the impact of initialization on simulated ice sheet evolution. It represents the first suite of experiments for standalone ice sheet models from the Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project for CMIP6 (ISMIP6).

    Specific goals of the workshop are:

    • Present and discuss the results of initMIP-Greenland, with the goal to finalize the analysis and the publication of the results.
    • Discuss potential next steps for initMIP-Greenland.
    • Present and obtain feedback on the design of the initMIP-Antarctica effort.
    • Discuss and evaluate initial submission of initMIP-Antarctica simulation, in particular initial state and control run.

    December 11, 2016 Workshop: Oceanic forcing for ice sheet models

    • A one-day workshop will be held on December 11, 2016 in San Francisco, USA, to discuss the design and implementation of oceanic forcing for the Ice Sheet Model Intercomparison Project for CMIP6 (ISMIP6). The aim of ISMIP6 is to improve projections of sea level via simulation of the evolution of the Greenland and Antarctic ice sheets under a changing climate, and to quantify associated uncertainties in climate forcing and the response of ice sheets. The aim of this workshop is to create a roadmap for translating the CMIP6 open-ocean forcing into forcing to which the ice sheet can respond. Questions that are to be explored include: How does large-scale ocean signal get into shallow-shelf waters? What processes affect the migration of the coastal water towards the ice? What are the mechanics of the way ice and water interact?

    Specific goals of the workshop are to:

    • Review existing parameterizations used in the ice sheet community for melt from under ice shelves, melt from termini of outlet glacier and calving.
    • Obtain guidance from oceanographers on desirable properties of melt and calving parameterizations.
    • Identify datasets that can be used to test, validate, or constrain melt and calving parameterizations.
    • Discuss CMIP5 ocean models in the polar regions, and how to evaluate CMIP6 models.

    ISMIP6 splinter meeting at EGU General Assembly 2016

    Vienna, Austria; 19 April 2016

    Splinter meeting to discuss results of initMIP-Greenland with the participants (SMP6).

    Pre-AGU 2015 ISMIP6 workshop

    San Francisco, California, USA; 12-13 December 2015

    The workshop will focus on the impact of different initialization methods on projections of ice sheet evolution. It will also be an opportunity to meet other members of ISMIP6, find out more about the ISMIP6 framework and upcoming experiments, and provide feedback to the steering committee.

    ISMIP6 workshop during IGS symposium 2015

    Churchill College, Cambridge, UK; 19 August 2015

    This meeting will focus on one of the components of ISMIP6: the standalone ice sheet models driven offline by surface climatic forcing from climate models. Past efforts, such as SeaRISE and ice2sea, have indicated that different methods for initialization of ice sheet models (interglacial spinup, assimilation of present day observations, or a combination of both) may play an important role in the spread in projection of ice sheet evolution, and thus may contribute to the uncertainty in projection of sea level. ISMIP6 is therefore designing an experiment that focuses on the initialization of ice sheet models.

    ISMIP6 splinter meeting at EGU General Assembly 2015

    Vienna, Austria; 15 April 2015

    The first intercomparison exercise within ISMIP6, which will focus on standalone ice sheet model initialization is opening soon for participation. We are therefore organizing a splinter meeting at the upcoming EGU General Assembly 2015 in Vienna to present and discuss the experimental set-up with the community of ice sheet modelers.

    Ice Sheet MIP for CMIP6 Meeting 2014

    NASA GSFC, Greenbelt, MD, USA; 16-18th July 2014

    The meeting goal is to develop an Ice Sheet MIP proposal for participation in the CMIP6 initiative. The kickoff meeting where it all started.

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