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ISMIP6 Coupled Ice Sheet Climate Experiments

This page holds information specifically of relevance to the groups conducting the coupled AOGCM-ISM experiments.


The published ISMIP6 description (Nowicki et al, GMD 2016) lays out four experiments for coupled AOGCM-ISM models to complete, which directly parallel other CMIP6 experiments with standalone AOGCMs and ISMIP6 runs with standalone ISMs (see table at main [wiki page]).

{| class=“wikitable” | align=“center” style=“background:#f0f0f0;”|Tier ||New ISMIP6 CMIP6 exp. (Coupled AOGCM-ISM) |- | 1 || Pre-Industrial Control (piControl-withism) |- | 1 || 1% yr-1 CO to quadrupling CO (1pctCO2to4x-withism) |- | 2 || ScenarioMIP SSP5-8.5 up to year 2300 (ssp585-withism) |- | 2 || CMIP6 Historical Simulation (historical-withism) |}

However, at the ISMIP6 meeting in Sassenheim it was decided that the standalone ISMs would use a baseline of 1970-2000 as their control period, rather than the pre-industrial. Depending on their initialisation methods, AOGCM-ISM modellers may thus also wish to run their Tier 1 experiments relative to a late 20th century climatology, and omit the historical-withism simulation entirely


Notes from a discussion at the ISMIP6 Sassenheim meeting between representatives of UKESM, CESM, MPI-ESM, MIROC_ESM, EC-Earth and other interested parties.

If you’d like to be involved in further group communications about the coupled AOGCM-ISM models, please email: robin.smith@ncas.ac.uk

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