June 2018:

IAVCEI-DNN will host a workshop “Fostering developed-developing country partnerships for the advancement of global volcano science” in June 2019 at The University of the West Indies, St. Augustine Campus, Trinidad.

The focus of the workshop will be i) prioritising the goals of the network; ii) developing a roadmap of activities; iii) drafting a document on best-practice engagement protocols for scientists working in developing countries.

More details to…



April 2019:

Invitation to participate in online survey concerning volcano science in resource-limited contexts

Do you identify as a volcano scientist working in a resource-limited context? If so, we would kindly like to invite you to take part in our online survey which can be accessed:


Feedback from this survey will channel directly into the establishment and the functioning of a new community-driven network that is being formed…


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IAVCEI - International Network for VOLcanology Collaboration (INVOLC)

This public group is intended to be a forum for scientists working in a resource-constrained context. The establishment of the group is the first step following on from events at IAVCEI 2017 (Portland, Oregon) which included an initial meeting of scientists with an interest in working in volcanology in developing nations. This meeting included discussion of themes and challenges of undertaking volcanic work in developing countries and set out a series of actions and steps towards establishment of the formal network (under IAVCEI).

Topics for the group include networking, sharing of resources that are targeted for use in such resource-constrained environments or that can readily be used by those in a developing country context, sharing of experiences, and development of strategies for how the community can support and promote engagement by scientists with limited resources.

We invite your participation with the hope of generating a centralised location to encourage community engagement for scientists working in developing countries and those who are working to support the use of volcano science in this context.

Note: Meeting notes etc can be found under 'Resources' tab, links to funding opportunities etc can be found under 'Projects' tab.

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