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Joaquin Alberto Cortes

could I have access to the tool

Hi, I am a developer of geochemistry tools using rappture with octave (e.g. Pingu or cfu)… in a nutshell I don’t compile my tools; the scripts simply run in the octave environment.

I realized you have this demo of a compiled C code and I was wondering if I could have a peep? I simply cannot find straightforward instructions to compile C code so it would be great to check a working one!

Cheers Joaquin Cortes

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    Jeanette Sperhac

    Hi Joaquin,

    Yes, finding “straightforward instructions” is sometimes a problem! There are several sticky points that I found with deploying C, including making the appropriate directory structure, and getting the invoke script right. Have you been successful in deploying your Octave code?

    I wrote up three knowledge base pieces documenting my experience with deploying the C code demo. You can find them here:

    Meanwhile, I’ll look into how I can share my code so that you can see it as well. I’ll let you know.

    Cheers, Jeanette

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    Jeanette Sperhac


    I have changed the settings on the “arith” tool so that anyone can run it, access the code, and also access the project space. Feel free to look around and/or make a copy of anything you see there.

    Let me know if you have any questions.



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