CESM ISMIP6 Forcing Data

By Kate Thayer-Calder1, Gunter Leguy1, William Lipscomb1

1. National Center for Atmospheric Research

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The Community Earth System Model (CESM) version 2.1 is a world-class coupled climate system model that includes components for the atmosphere, ocean, terrestrial system, river run-off, and fully active glaciers (Danabasoglu et al. 2020). This version of CESM was used in many experiments as part of the Coupled Model Intercomparison Project 6 (CMIP6, Eyring et al. (2016)) including the Ice Sheet Model Inter-comparison Project 6 (ISMIP6).

These data come from historical simulations (1950–2014) and future projections (2015–2100) using the fully-coupled earth system model, including an active ice sheet model (the Community Ice Sheet Model, or CISM, Lipscomb et al. (2019)) with feedbacks to the atmosphere, land, and oceans. We have provided data from these two transient experiments to the community through Ghub for analysis and to force uncoupled ice sheet models.

Downloading the Data

The data can be downloaded from the GHub. Please log in and click on the Download tab to receive the Download instructions.For more information on how to obtain data from GHub visit Accessing Data web page. There is also a tool available to visualize these data here on Ghub.


The CESM project is supported primarily by the National Science Foundation (NSF). This material is based upon study supported by the National Center for Atmospheric Research, which is a major facility sponsored by the NSF under Cooperative Agreement no. 1852977.


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