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  1. Contribution of methane to total gas pressure in deep waters at lakes Nyos and Monoun (Cameroon, West Africa)

    17 Jul 2014 | Contributor(s): Issa, Takeshi Ohba, Wilson Fangtong, Alain Fouepe, CHAKO TCHAMABE Boris, Yukata Yoshida, Minoru Kusakabe, Sigha Kamdjou, Urumu TSUNOGAI, Yu Uginuma, Greg Zinkeng Tanyileke, Hell J.V.

  2. MeMoVolc workshop on the "Dynamics of volcanic explosive eruptions", Consensual Document

    15 Jul 2014 | Publications | Contributor(s): Costanza Bonadonna, Raffaello Cioni, Antonio Costa, Tim Druitt, Jeremy Phillips, Laura Pioli

    This workshop served to assess the main advantages and shortcomings of existing eruption classification schemes and to identify open questions and research priorities that could help improve our understanding of volcanic explosive eruptions. We identified the main parameters and processes...

  3. Pyroclastic density currents and local topography as seen with the conveyer model

    15 Apr 2014 | Publications | Contributor(s): Domenico M. Doronzo

    Pyroclastic density currents (PDCs) are multiphase flows generated during explosive volcanic eruptions, and they move down the volcano, and over the surrounding topography. The flow-topography interaction can play a fundamental role in the sedimentary processes, and in the resulting deposit...

  4. Towards a probabilistic scheme: How can we recognize and track non-magmatic unrest and related hazards?

    18 Feb 2014 | Publications | Contributor(s): dmitri rouwet, Laura Sandri, Warner Marzocchi, Jo Gottsmann

    Eruption forecasting is a major goal in volcanology. The intrinsic complexity and non-linearity of volcanic systems has recently led to an intertwining of deterministic to probabilistic eruption forecasting methods. However, many volcanoes often pass states of non-eruptive and non-magmatic unrest...

  5. CVS Newsletter (Sept 2004)

    22 Oct 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Vern Manville, Richard James Brown

  6. Estimating Volcanic Risk in the Lesser Antilles

    26 Sep 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Michal Camejo, Richard E.A. Robertson

    The potential catastrophic effects of future volcanic eruptions in the Lesser Antilles can be decreased by the utilisation of effective risk quantification measures and their subsequent incorporation into disaster risk reduction strategies. A volcanic risk study conducted by the Norwegian...

  7. Spherulites and thundereggs from pitchstones of the Deccan Traps: geology, petrochemistry, and emplacement environments

    18 Sep 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Pooja Vinod Kshirsagar

    Spherulites and thundereggs are rounded, typically spherical, polycrystalline objects found in glassy silicic rocks. Spherulites are dominantly made up of radiating microscopic fibers of alkali feldspar and a silica mineral (commonly quartz). They form due to heterogeneous nucleation in highly...

  8. Mafic alkalic magmatism in central Kachchh, India- a monogenetic volcanic field in the northwestern Deccan Traps

    18 Sep 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Pooja Vinod Kshirsagar, Badre Alam shaikh, Hetu Sheth

    Magmatism in Kachchh, in the northwestern Deccan continental flood basalt province, is represented not only by typical tholeiitic flows and dikes, but also plug-like bodies, in Mesozoic sandstone, of alkali basalt, basanite, melanephelinite and nephelinite, containing mantle nodules. They form...

  9. Global volcanic unrest in the 21st century: An analysis of the first decade

    16 Sep 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Jo Gottsmann, Rosa Sobradelo

    We define volcanic unrest as the deviation from the background or baseline behaviour of a volcano towards a behaviour which is a cause for concern in the short-term because it might prelude an eruption. When unrest is preceded by periods of quiescence over centuries or millennia it is...

  10. September 4th notes from PWW

    04 Sep 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Peter W Webley

  11. Correlation of Magma Evolution and Geophysical Monitoring during the 2011^2012 El Hierro (Canary Islands) Submarine Eruption

    04 Sep 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Joan Marti, Antonio Castro, Carmen Rodriguez, Fidel Costa, Sandra Carrasquilla, Rocio Pedreira, Xavier Bolos

    The application of petrography, mineral chemistry, geochemistry, and xperimental petrology, including mineral^melt thermodynamic and diffusion modelling, on quenched basanitic magma samples from the recent (2011^2012) submarine eruption of El Hierro (Canary Islands) has permitted the...

  12. Electrical resistivity tomography revealing the internal structure of monogenetic volcanoes

    04 Sep 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Stephanie Barde-Cabusson, Xavier Bolos, Dario Pedrazzi, Raul Lovera, Guillem Serra, Joan Marti, Albert Casas

    Eruptive activity of individual monogenetic volcanoes usually lasts a few days or weeks. However, their short lifetime does not always mean that their dynamics andstructure are simple. Monogenetic cones construction is rarely witnessed from the beginning to the end, and conditions for observing...

  13. 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology Results for Lunar Crater Volcanic Field Basalts, Nevada

    21 May 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Matthew T Heizler

    Full references (two reports):Heizler MT (2013) 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology Results for Lunar Crater Volcanic Field Basalts, Nevada. New Mexico Geochronological Research Laboratory internal report NMGRL-IR-792, MT (2014) 40Ar/39Ar Geochronology Results for...

  14. Basalt 2013 - Cenozoic Magmatism in Central Europe: Abstracts and Excursion Guides

    16 May 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Karoly Nemeth

    Full abstract volume of the Basalt 2013 conference (24-28 April 2013, Goerlitz, Germany).The conference was supported by IAVCEI and it was an event of the Commission on Monogenetic Volcanism.

  15. Tool Migration to Wheezy

    06 May 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Erich Huebner

  16. Bubble nucleation in H2O-CO2 bearing basaltic melts: results of high temperature decompression experiments

    26 Apr 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Nolwenn Le Gall, Michel Pichavant, Alain Burgisser

    AGU Meeting, San Francisco 2012Previous experiments have shown that mechanisms of basalt degassing are strongly contrasted when gas bubbles are present or when they are absent. Thus, experimental information on the kinetics of bubble nucleation in basaltic melts is needed, and high temperature...

  17. CO2-rich melts generated during basalt magma ascent and degassing

    26 Apr 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Michel Pichavant, Ida Di Carlo, Silvio Rotolo, Bruno Scaillet, Alain Burgisser, Nolwenn Le Gall, Caroline Martel

    AGU Meeting San Francisco 2012To test mechanisms of basaltic magma degassing, experimental decompressions of volatile-bearing (2.7-3.8 wt% H2O, 600-1300 ppm CO2) Stromboli melts have been performed from 250-200 to 50-25 MPa at 1180-1140°C. Ascent rates were varied from 0.25 to ~ 1.5 m/s. Both the...

  18. Volcanic Threat in Central America

    14 Apr 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Jose L. Palma

    (Presented at AGU Fall Meeting in 2008)This presentation shows an assessment of the volcanic threat posed by the 23 most active and best documented volcanoes in Central America. It also includes a preliminary evaluation for all volcanoes in Guatemala. The results are compared to the threat posed...

  19. ICCS'13 paper

    29 Mar 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Abani Patra

  20. M.E. Thomas COV7 Presentation. Can we use seismicity to predict volcanic activity without understanding it?

    20 Mar 2013 | Publications | Contributor(s): Mark Thomas, Jurgen Neuberg